Privacy policy

AIR WATER REALIZE INC. regards the protection of the names, addresses, and other private and personal information provided by customers (hereinafter “personal information”) as a social obligation of the company.
We carefully protect all personal information on our website (, as explained below.Please note that we can only provide protection within our website. We cannot take responsibility for the protection of personal information on other websites linked from our website. Please refer to and verify other websites separately.

■Purpose of personal information use

If we receive any personal information from customers, we will use it only for responding to their inquiries or for other purposes related to the use of the website.
We will never use the personal information of our customers for any purpose other than those stated above, without their prior consent.

■Disclosure to third parties

We will never disclose the personal information provided to us by customers to any third parties, unless the disclosure of personal information is demanded by a legal injunction or similar legal measure.

■Management of personal information

AIR WATER REALIZE INC. implements all necessary measures to prevent the leakage or disclosure of the personal information it receives from customers.

■Revision of these rules

We may revise these rules in response to legal amendments or as and when necessary for other reasons.